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Kevin Timmins kipper_timmins at live.co.uk
Sun Apr 5 17:27:52 CDT 2009

Hi Jack,
How does the validating part work? i think that the bit that i am most 
interested in.
paypal does look like it will be the easiest one to start learning from at 
the moment.

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> We use PHP for all of our websites, and we have an Authorize.net account
> that we use to handle transactions. The basic API is pretty simple, and 
> can
> get as complex as you (probably) may need, if you desire.
> Basically, the process goes as such:
> 1 - Customer requests your processing page, supplying credit card number,
> month, year, name, etc.
> 2  - *After validating* you supply the needed information in an array (I
> think, I haven't looked at it in a while, but the point is supplying the
> information), including your merchant ID, *your *transaction number, 
> billing
> title, etc.
> 3 - Charge gateway validates information, either returns errors or 
> charges,
> and returns errors or success with iniformation.
> 4 - You go from there.
> Using Paypal is probably easier, and more than likely what you'd need if 
> you
> didn't have a shared security ticket available.
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