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Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
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This is true, but not always.
I found that most web users use IE, and most IE users from my country don't 
bother (or know how) to configure their browser to prefer their native 
language and not the default English.

If they visit a site that offer the content depending on the prefered 
language, they would see the page in English, and I found that very often 
some of them fight to understand what appears on the page but don't click 
the link for changing the language to their native one.

Of course, these days these things are solved by forcing them to install the 
OS and the browser already configured for their native language and this is 
not such a big problem anymore.
(Although it is a problem for me, because I don't like to use a localized OS 
and browser and I need to do more clicks in order to install the one which 
has an interface in English :-)


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>I want to say that I think it's a bad idea to determine which language
> to deliver simply by geo-locating from the IP.  The user's default
> language is a far preferable factor to go by.
> As an English speaker living in a Spanish speaking country I can tell
> you that I get quite frustrated when I'm delivered a Spanish page just
> because of my location.
> Also if your site needs to give a star performance in search engine
> placement in specific countries then you may find that you will do
> better to buy a new domain for each language, one that uses the
> country specific extension.
> For example it's been my experience that sites in Spanish targeted at
> Mexico have an advantage over a regular .com site if they use the
> .com.mx extension.
> Thanks, Kim
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