[thelist] Line breaks in plain text email

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PHP - String Creation Double-Quotes

We have used double-quotes and will continue to use them as the primary method for forming strings. Double-quotes allow for many special escaped characters to be used that you cannot do with a single-quote string. Once again, a backslash is used to escape a character.
PHP Code:

$newline = "A newline is \n";
$return = "A carriage return is \r";
$tab = "A tab is \t";
$dollar = "A dollar sign is \$";
$doublequote = "A double-quote is \"";

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> Sorry for asking what seems like a letmegooglethatforyou question but after
> searching in every approachable way, I'm still stumped on this (and please
> don't just give me what you think is a helpful search string):
> I am writing a plain text email feedback script and can't seem to get line
> breaks.
> I have tried /r, /n, \r, \n, //r, //n, %0D%0A … Everything gets printed as
> is (except in the case of double slashes, in which case one of them gets
> escaped). As far as I can see there is no PHP equivalent to writeln or
> writeLine, which is irritating.
> Any bright ideas?
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