[thelist] Line breaks in plain text email

Barry Woolgar barry at burnthebook.co.uk
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> I have tried /r, /n, \r, \n, //r, //n, %0D%0A … Everything gets printed as is

Do you have the code you're using this with? As long as you're using double quotes the newline characters should  be parsed. Depending on what you need them for, you may find the wordwrap() function useful[1].

"\n" should work fine, though obviously Microsoft, Apple and *nix each use different EOL characters (I believe \r\n, \r, \n respectively, but check that if its important).

Hope that helps


[1] http://www.php.net/wordwrap

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Sorry for asking what seems like a letmegooglethatforyou question but after
searching in every approachable way, I'm still stumped on this (and please
don't just give me what you think is a helpful search string):

I am writing a plain text email feedback script and can't seem to get line

I have tried /r, /n, \r, \n, //r, //n, %0D%0A … Everything gets printed as
is (except in the case of double slashes, in which case one of them gets
escaped). As far as I can see there is no PHP equivalent to writeln or
writeLine, which is irritating.

Any bright ideas?

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