[thelist] Basic e-commerce

Kevin Timmins kipper_timmins at live.co.uk
Mon Apr 6 13:04:37 CDT 2009

Jack, thanks for that link, that's really handy to know :)

Nan, thanks for the class, its long but it looks to make sense from a quick 
glance, I'll go through it in detail at a later stage. cheers

Martin, Well at the moment only the absolute basics, from there then i can 
expand my knowledge base even further. On a general economics front i am 
only just really understanding what is going on especially with the 
recession, gotta learn somewhere eh :P

Thanks for all the info so far folks, this is really useful to expose myself 

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> On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 5:27 PM, Kevin Timmins 
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>> How does the validating part work? i think that the bit that i am most
>> interested in.
> There's a lot of ways you can pre-validate. Mind you, we can't really
> prevent illegal use of credit cards on pre-validation, but we can require
> enough info to ensure authorize.net can:
> 1) Ensure the credit card number is valid [1] is perhaps the biggest one
> 2) Make sure either a valid security code or postal code was been passed
> (the former being what I use, since I can handle those better than
> international postal codes). You could just ensure one was passed and 
> leave
> it to authorize.net to handle it.
> 3) Don't forget name, etc.
> Really it's just common sense stuff (at least to me), and someone else may
> have a better idea. I -try- to do it both in the Javascript and PHP, the
> first to make it so they don't have to leave the page in order to correct
> data, and the second for obvious reasons of forgery.
> I actually just printed out Authorize.net's API (I'm a guy who needs a
> document in paper form), and I plan on going through it and writing a 
> class
> that quickly does all of that. It'll be mainly for the framework we're
> setting up, but once I'm sure it tests right I'll share the download with
> whomever wants it.
> [1] -  http://www.beachnet.com/~hstiles/cardtype.html
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