[thelist] Options for a dynamic menu

Jay Turley jayturley at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 17:47:15 CDT 2009

Why not cache it? Rebuild it once a day or once at the frequency you
need? Just a thought.

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 3:40 PM, Todd Richards <todd at promisingsites.com> wrote:
> Hi Everyone -
> I have an ASP classic website that was just moved over to a Windows 2008
> server running MS SQL 2008.  The site has a "library" where the CSS tree
> menu is pulled from a database.  It's seldom updated, so I hate that there
> has to be a query hit every time someone goes to the site.  I switched it to
> a static menu, where I make the change when they make changes to the
> categories/order.  However, this is a PITA as well.
> My thought - which I need feedback and ideas on - is to have a "Rebuild
> Menu" button on the page where they manage the categories.  After they make
> changes, they "build" the new menu, which then writes out the menu to a file
> which is included in the ASP page via server side includes.  Just not sure
> what all I need to consider when doing this, or what the best next step is.
> Thanks for any thoughts.
> Todd
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