[thelist] Trademarks and web page names

EvoltList at no-pun.com EvoltList at no-pun.com
Tue Apr 7 13:14:19 CDT 2009

Having worked with Disney, I know that they are very diligent about 
protecting their copyrights, but certainly they are not objecting to the 
filename.  However, in the example of a filename "disney.php", keep in mind 
that Walt wasn't the only Disney.  Just add a litte footnote at the bottom: 
"This page dedicated to my uncle Sal Disney from Jersey, rest his soul." 
Viola. You're covered.

Now, as for a page entitled "Tips for Saving Money at  Disney", or such, 
changing that will not affect bookmarks.  And, yes, there are LOTS of those 
kind of pages on 3rd party sites.  Suppose you could change it to "Tips for 
Saving  Money at Your Favorite Theme Park that Features a Giant Mouse"


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