[thelist] What's a Programmer To Do?

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sat Apr 11 16:35:44 CDT 2009

On 6 Apr 2009, at 05:26, Hassan Schroeder wrote:

>> Which is more likely to be mature: the system that you've knocked up
>> in a few days, or the one that's had thousands of days, and hundreds
>> of implementations behind it?
> Yeah. Matt's FormMail. Everyone uses it, must be good.

*sigh* ok, let's all go back to 1994 and see what other solutions were  
available then, including the custom coding ones.

And now let's return to the present day, where a choice of off-the- 
shelf solutions are available for most business needs that have had  
the involvement of actual professionals, are regularly updated for  
security issues and so on.

Similarly, in 2000, if you needed a CMS, you either payed £100k+ to  
Vignette or Broadvision (or Allaire), or you wrote one. Not the case  


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