[thelist] Web-based project management ( Gantt charts? )

Bill Moseley moseley at hank.org
Mon Apr 20 08:56:04 CDT 2009

I know this has been discussed a few times in the last year or so.
I'm looking for suggestions of PM software that might fit our needs
and that someone here has experience with.

In our medium sized organization we have about ten people working on a
project.  They include designers, front-end/javascript coders,
back-end coders, QA, and IT for managing hardware and deployment.

The team uses Windows, OS X, and Linux, so a web-based approach
would seem best.  Team often works on concurrent projects.

We have used RT and Basecamp but neither have worked that well for
managing projects.  Basecamp is easy to use and has a nice fast UI,
but was too basic for our needs. RT is cumbersome and works better
for managing our more isolated issue and trouble tickets.

I was away for a week and had provided tasks for a number of people to
complete during the week.  Of course I get back to find that some
things were delayed -- and as a result other dependent tasks are now
delayed.  Something like a Gantt chart would have help to show the
interdependency of tasks and keep the team informed of everyone's

As is common, as people work on the project the complexity of the
project becomes more clear and the loose ends that need to be managed
increase.  So, the PM software also needs to work on a granular
enough basis to allow tracking all the little issues that need

I am concerned that managing the project management tool will be a
significant project in itself.

Anyone tried http://yoxel.com/ ?

Bill Moseley
moseley at hank.org
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