[thelist] Why do users outside USA and UK see the wrong website?

Chris Dempsey chris at gettheedgeonline.com
Fri Apr 24 03:42:08 CDT 2009

Hi All,

===[ The background ]===
One of our clients operates two websites; 1. The global company site, 2.
A site specific to their European plant division.  We host and write the
Plant site, the global site is provided by a company in the USA.

The plant site runs from plant.neogeneurope.com and the main site is
www.neogeneurope.com.  Both ran without issue for a year or more until
recently when the global site was rewritten and moved to a new server.

===[ The setup ]===
neogeneurope.com points to our nameservers [ns1 and ns2.helmdns.com].
An new A record, plant,  was added to the DNS Zone when we wrote the
plant site 2 years ago and it has the IP of the server hosting the
plant.neogeneurope.com website:

The www and @ A records were changed 3 or 4 weeks ago on request of our
client to the IP of the server hosting the new global site:

The * A record is also set to the new IP:

===[ The issue ]===
Users outside of the UK and Continental USA [see Hawaii comments at end]
don't appear to be able to access plant.neogeneurope.com.  Instead of
the plant site they appear to get the world map from the
www.neogeneurope.com home page.

Can anyone suggest what might be causing some users to be unable to get
to the plant site?



Quotes from emails describing the issue:
South Africa: cant seem to be able to access the site from the Neogen
Europe website, or at all by the sounds of things.  He can see the world
map page on the Neogen Europe website but can't get past this into the
Europe region.

Swedish User: I have been trying to enter your plant diagnostics site
without success.

User in China: Just thought I'd let you know,
http://plant.neogeneurope.com/ redirects to the Neogen Europe home page
map now, so it's not possible to view anything about plant products.
(unless I've missed something obvious).

New Zealand: Is your web site in the processs of an overhaul ?, I seem
to be unable to get at any part of it except a world map of your
locations - which I had never seen before.

Hawaii: When I hit the link on "plant diagnostics" (which I'm interested
in), it ALWAYS brings up a world map of your offices and not your
products!  It's like a continuous circle: plant diagnostics > world map
> plant diagnostics > etc.

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