[thelist] Why do users outside USA and UK see the wrong website?

Chris Dempsey chris at gettheedgeonline.com
Fri Apr 24 05:57:13 CDT 2009

Barry - looks like you might have cracked it there.  Appreciate the link
to iptools.com, I was using an account on dnsstuff.com but they seem to
have removed the A record lookup from the free account I have.  Other
online lookups I tried only returned the IP.  Didn't
realise you could specify which nameserver to use with a DOS lookup in

Will contact the server host and get them to remove the stray entry as
it doesn't appear in my control panel.



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Hello Chris

> Instead of the plant site they appear to get the world map from the
> www.neogeneurope.com home page.

I'm not sure why user location is a problem, but your ns2.helmdns.com
nameserver is returning two IP addresses for plant.neogeneurope.com, the
correct 64 and the incorrect 72 address. The ns1.helmdns.com nameserver
providing just the correct IP.

On a windows machine I did:

nslookup plant.neogeneurope.com ns2.helmdns.com

and got this:

Server:  ms1.pronameserver.com

Name:    plant.neogeneurope.com

You might also find the iptools.com website useful, it has saved me many
many times!


I hope that helps



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