[thelist] Symlinking

Chrome admin at chrome.me.uk
Tue Apr 28 10:14:55 CDT 2009

Hi all

I'm trying to create a centralised system with automated setup and have hit
a bit of a brick wall trying to figure out how to get the folders symlinked
properly... Here's what I need:

There are core files in a folder called includes/ which has several
subfolders... I would like these to be the centralised folders that are
linked from the newly created site... Ideally I would symlink the includes/
folder and have done with it but in the root of that folder is the main
configuration file which varies from site to site (and is rewritten using a

How do I symlink the folder but *not* the config file (bearing in mind that
other core files reside in this [includes/] folder)?

Cheers in advance and if any clarification is needed (because my wording can
leave a bit to be desired) please let me know


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