[thelist] Developing on OSX

Barney Carroll barney.carroll at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 17:40:48 CDT 2009

2009/4/29 Peter Loron <peterl at standingwave.org>
> I use VirtualBox to run Windows (and other) VMs as needed.
> Multiplatform, free, works great.
> http://virtualbox.org

VirtualBox is my virtualiser of choice – incredibly easy to use, and
guest additions (ie how much access the virtual machines get to the
host) are a breeze. However the latest point release messes up with
memory massively and has repeatedly crashed guest machines for no
externally apparent reason due to 'memory failure'. Since reverting to
v2.1.4, it's been fine – so I'd recommend that until they patch 2.2.

> If you're looking for a kickass programming editor, I highly recommend
> TextMate. When I want a full IDE, I use Eclipse PDT for debugging, etc.
> http://macromates.com/
> http://eclipse.org/pdt/

If you don't want to spend any money, use TextWrangler as a code
editor and the trial edition of Panic's Transmit for FTP. Eclipse is a
great IDE although I personally prefer NetBeans  (contextual
documentation and predictive text that goes so far as to advise you on
jQuery coding – with customisable browser compatibility warnings


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