[thelist] Developing on OSX

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 08:57:22 CDT 2009

>> 3. I need a time tracker app. I have been using this
>> http://www.allnetic.com/ for years and it's great. Now I need a Mac
>> app.
> I use a command-line ruby gem called "punch" but that's probably
> too minimalist for most people.

Way too minimalist for me. But we can still be friends. :)

> I use this free one and it meets my needs http://code.google.com/p/time-tracker-mac/

Yes, I found that one also before I posted and while it works, it
doesn't have some of the nice features that AllNetic has. :(

> I use Fanurio. Not free, but it does time tracking and invoicing
> nicely. Cross platform and responsive developers.
> http://www.fanuriotimetracking.com/

Looks more like what I'm used to. OK, I will check it out. Thanks!

I also found this FOSS tool now:


which looks interesting.

I also once tried Klok, an Adobe Air app, but it was a bit too weird for me.

Thanks to those who responded. :)

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