[thelist] basic Joomla question

Manfred manfred at manfredk.com
Fri May 1 11:54:59 CDT 2009

You could try this simple Module

/Have you ever wanted to just put a jpg image or a gif animation without 
having to deal with the banners component each time you want to add an 
image.. look no further.. this simple module offers viewing any image 
(jpg, gif, png ...etc) (such as advertisements or announcements) in a 
module. the admin can resize the image to any size, he can also link 
this picture to any page, he can also specify how to open the new link 
(new window, or same window) its an extremely useful replacement of the 
rather complicated (banners) component./

Nan Harbison wrote:
> Hi Evolters,
> I have been asked to add a graphic for a sponsor of an event to a website
> created with Joomla (they asked if I knew Joomla, I said sure! Does anyone
> else do that, ha ha, I know I will figure it out.) I know Drupal better, in
> Drupal terms, I am looking to add a block to the left side of the page under
> the main menu. I have uploaded an image to use, which has to be a link. 
> Can someone point me to the Joomla term for what I am trying to do, is it a
> component, or section or category? Is this a banner? And how do you add this
> to a page?
> Thanks!
> Nan


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