[thelist] Help with CSS vertical alignment of menu items

Gunlaug Sørtun gunlaugs at c2i.net
Sun May 3 12:52:57 CDT 2009

Bill Moseley wrote:
> On Sat, May 02, 2009 at 11:04:34PM -0700, Will wrote:

>> If you set the anchors to display: block and float them as well you
>>  should be all set.
> Does that makes sense?  I've got an <li> with a solitary <a> child 
> element. Why does floating make that work?

Floating turns any element into a block-element by default, in all
browsers. Thus, 'display: block' is superfluous on a float.

However, I suggest you use this anchor style...

#header li a {
display: block;
width: 100%;
white-space: nowrap;

...and add...

* html #header li {width: 1em;}

...to make IE6 play along.

> CSS still seems to be very much in the "art" phase.

That's only because IE6/7 are still around :-)

> Again, this may be moot with zooming features of modern browsers, and
>  I wonder with zooming available if, in the end, pixels may not be 
> the correct choice. Designers get their pixel-perfect layout and end 
> users just zoom to actually be able to read the damn thing. ;)

Why zoom when one can blow up too small text with "minimum font size"?
...and the ability to resize text is still present in all browsers, and
should be tested for...


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