[thelist] site review

Rick Alexander tralexan at comcast.net
Wed May 6 06:56:26 CDT 2009


Some proofing needs to be done. For example, in "evos arts" . . .

structures that stretch horizontal and parallel to the grain of the site
should be
structures that stretch horizontally and parallel to the grain of the site

61 acre sites destinations
should be
61 acre site destinations (site is singular, not plural, it can modify 
but can't possess, and if it was to be possessive, it would be "site's")

and in "involuntary spaces" . . .

Involuntary memory cues have variety of basic features
should be
Involuntary memory cues have a variety of basic features

This somewhat disagrees with notion that involuntary memories
should be
This somewhat disagrees with the notion that involuntary memories

I searched only the first three articles for errors.

The site works extremely well visually and I like the change made to the 
  navigation column. The body text appears a bit jagged and awkward when 
using my Firefox/Windows XP  and Safari/Windows XP combinations. In 
IE/XP, it's fine. I put  a small bit of what I am seeing from the 3 
browsers at http://thetalkingman.net/fontrendering/


David Laakso wrote:
> David Laakso wrote:
>> I am nearing completion of this site and would appreciate your comments 
>> and suggestions.
>> Known issue: I have yet to convince my son of the value in image 
>> optimization :-) .
>> <http://chelseacreekstudio.com/yl/>

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