[thelist] Issues working with dates

Joel D Canfield Joel at BizBa6.com
Fri May 8 14:50:28 CDT 2009

> Now I'm trying to not show the expired events.  I'm calling the
> then
> formatting it so that it's yyy/mm/dd format

why not just work with as datetime data?

> (which is set to the variable
> "eventDate").  That part works.  I'm trying to pull a query from the
> "where event_End_Date >= eventDate", and I get all of the dates.  If I
> event_End_Date <= eventDate", then I get no dates (as I shouldn't).
> testing it right now with one event with an end date of 7/9/2008, and
> another with 3/12/2009.

are you sure you're comparing dates, and not text strings?

why not do this in SQL instead of the vbscript in the page?

a possible hole in the logic: shouldn't you be comparing an event's date
to the current date on the calendar? I mean, won't the event's end date
*always* be greater than or equal to the event's date? most stuff ends
after it started ;)


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