[thelist] site check please

Mark Groen evolt at markgroen.com
Sat May 9 08:07:18 CDT 2009

Meredith wrote:

 > Hey Mark,

 > Interesting site...curious amount of emphasis on the feng shui angle, 
 > the design is not your typical 'property for sale' style either. 
 > I don't think the word repetition is overkill. 
 > You have to get that text in there somehow.

That's what I was thinking, tried it with only CSS but getting all those 
words to behave everywhere was turning in to a bit of a nightmare...

 > Hope all is well with you,

Life is good, back in the game a bit more. Over a few weeks in the 
winter collaborated with other people to create a "road status" map for 
the island (it was a *very* snowy winter here) that some on the list 
might enjoy viewing the source of. Uses JP Grandmasters' log in as the 
core for the back end, was a lot of fun and will be speaking at the Open 
Web Vancouver 2009 conference about it: 

In winter the 30 or so (it's a small island I live on) people that 
signed up had the roads coloured red, green and yellow but after a few 
days they revert to no status:



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