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Amen to "determined by the audience you're trying to reach." We had several sites geared mostly toward the elderly, and even after monitor sizes began to grow we kept most of the sites at 800x600 because we felt that population was in general more likely to be using older equipment. The desktop trend certainly is toward larger monitors, but ironically the proliferation of handheld internet devices is starting to drive some of our design toward a bi-valent "this'll work great on a big monitor but it'll scale down okay on an iPhone as well." Well, theoretically, anyway <grin>.

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Mattias Thorslund wrote:
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> Another question: Does anyone design for 800x600 anymore? Once you get a 
> bigger screen for yourself, it's easy to forget that other people may 
> still have one that is narrower than yours.
A large accounting firm in Canada had me markup/code (ASP, CSS, HTML) 
this design and it is under 800px; design methinks is largely determined 
by the audience you are trying to reach and it was up to myself to make 
it work under the hood and with Google etc:




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