[thelist] nameservers

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sun May 10 19:05:30 CDT 2009

Matt McKeon wrote:
> Bob Meetin wrote:
>> Business has several domains all managed through godaddy
>> I will be moving them over the weekend to point to new nameservers.  
>> Client has asked that:
>> Domain #1 be redirected to file abc
>> Domain #2 be redirected to file def
>> Domain #3 be redirected to file ghi
>> These files are noting more than specific files on the website where it 
>> will live on hostgator - one website, not three separate sites. In 
>> updating the nameservers on gd, I'm not aware of how I can specifically 
>> tell it which file on the new website should be home. 
>> Is there a way?
> Hi Bob,
> DNS doesn't actually specify the files/folders for a domain. That's the
> job of your webserver. So, you just point your DNS records at the IP of
> your webserver, and that servers configuration is what decides what
> file/folder a specific domain has as its root.
> If the domains are setup for use on your hostgator account, simply
> points the DNS at that server and it should start working after the DNS
> update is propagated. Those IP's and configuration are something you'd
> have to find out from them though.
> Does that clear things up a bit?
> HTH,
> Matt
Thanks all for all the suggestions.  With the suggestions in mind, I 
contacted hostgator.  They explained to me a function called Add-on 
Domains which I'd never investigated.  Once you add a Domain you also 
get a configuration option to point that new domain to a particular 
file.  If this works I will let you know.


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