[thelist] IE7 scrollbar bug - sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn't...

Nadeem Hosenbokus nadeem at multigraphics.biz
Mon May 11 04:48:44 CDT 2009


I'm kind of rushing a site to get it finished. I did some nice animations
(born out of the data-structure that client has) and whatnot for the site
and they work well in Chrome and Firefox, but (surprise, surprise) not in

Anyway, due to time contraints I'm ignoring IE6 (for now - I'll come back to
it later) and I'm just trying to get it working in IE7 and IE8. There were
so many core problems that I decided it best to make a separate set of
functions, homepage and stylesheet for IE and then I used IE's conditional
statements (incidentally, why is there a 'not IE' conditional statement -
how would that work in browsers that are not IE?) to redirect users to the
relevant page. Non-IE users will remain on 'index.php' and IE users will be
redirected to 'index-ie.php'. This is satisfactory, if not perfect, for now.

So, after wrangling and tweaking everything seems fine EXCEPT one small

You can visit the IE version here:

This problem only seems to occur in IE7; the same page running in IE8,
Chrome and Firefox is fine.

If you click on 'Tapes' in the first category list you will (eventually) get
a list of products (on the far right) with a scrollbar. This is good. This
is what is supposed to appear. The element that displays the products has an
id #products and uses "overflow: auto;" and "overflow-x: hidden;" with a
max-height of 380px.

If you now click on 'Tiles adhesives & grout' > 'Grout' you get another long
product list (in the same #products div with the same styles) however the
scrollbars do not appear. You can scroll up and down with the mouse wheel
and if you click on a product link the bars appear. Also, if you click on
the 'Grout' category link a second time the content reloads and the bars
will appear. Clicking the 'Grout' category link a third time will make the
bars disappear again and so on.

I am at my wit's end with this... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Nadeem Hosenbokus
Exocet Studios - a brand of Multigraphics Ltd
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