[thelist] IE7 scrollbar bug - sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn't

Nadeem Hosenbokus nadeem at multigraphics.biz
Tue May 12 01:46:30 CDT 2009

I've just tried "overflow-y:auto;" but it didn't work. It was worth a try
though - thanks.

I guess the "overflow-y" and "overflow-x" properties are inherited from
"overflow" and then you just overwrite them by assigning specific values so
"overflow-y" would have been set to "auto" anyway.

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> If you click on 'Tapes' in the first category list you will
> (eventually) get
> a list of products (on the far right) with a scrollbar. This is good.
> This
> is what is supposed to appear. The element that displays the products
> has an
> id #products and uses "overflow: auto;" and "overflow-x: hidden;" with
> a
> max-height of 380px.
> If you now click on 'Tiles adhesives & grout' > 'Grout' you get
> long
> product list (in the same #products div with the same styles) however
> the
> scrollbars do not appear. You can scroll up and down with the mouse
> wheel
> and if you click on a product link the bars appear. Also, if you click
> on
> the 'Grout' category link a second time the content reloads and the
> bars
> will appear. Clicking the 'Grout' category link a third time will make
> the
> bars disappear again and so on.

You could try adding "overflow-y: auto" to your style? It's just a


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