[thelist] Reminder: dojo event in Manchester, UK tonight

sam foster potatosculptor at gmail.com
Mon May 18 04:56:40 CDT 2009

Manchester talk, meetup is tonight:

Its free and all are welcome - whether you currently use or are just
curious about Dojo. If you didnt register but want to show up on a
whim, please do, we've got space. I think this is on-topic, but here's
a tip for my absence and exploitation of this list for promoting my
OSS project of choice:

<tip type="fast javascript className matching" author="Sam Foster">
  function hasClass (node, cls) {
    return Boolean((" " + node.className + " ").indexOf("someClass"));
  As elements can have more than one class, in order to determine if
an element has a particular class, you often see code to match a class
in an element's className using regexp, or splitting into an array and
walking that. By padding the className string with a space, you can
use the much faster string indexOf method. Its less error prone too.

See you there,
Sam Foster

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 3:42 PM, sam foster <potatosculptor at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi All,
> If you're in the London, Manchester or Edinburg area, and working with
> -  or just curious about - the Dojo Toolkit (http://dojotoolkit.org),
> there a couple talk+beer events coming up. If you plan on coming
> please register w. eventbrite (its free), but also feel free to just
> drop in, or follow dylans or samfosteriam on twitter for updates on
> where we're at.
> Next week, May 18th in Manchester:
> http://dojomanchester.eventbrite.com/
> This one is kindly hosted by Code Computerlove Ltd. We'll do a short
> talk on dojo and building web apps with it, then eat drink and be
> merry. Again, I'd love to meet anyone dojo-curious who can make it out
> for the event.
> What is Dojo anyhow? Dojo is an 100% opensource javascript toolkit, in
> the family of YUI, jQuery etc. It provides a fast, extendable and
> highly useful api for building responsive web UIs, with a package
> system, animation system, standardized api for data retrieval,
> powerful and accessible UI widgets, cross-browser charting, and lots
> more. Dojo is server/framework agnostic, but has been adopted and
> integrated with the Zend Framework, Django among RoR among others. Its
> also seeing a lot of use on the Adobe AIR platform, and finding a
> niche with rich mobile apps via phonegap
> Sam Foster,
> long time evoltee, almost as long-time absentee

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