[thelist] New Mouse

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon May 18 09:54:27 CDT 2009

My mouse died. :(

It's my second MS IntelliMouse Explorer. I got the second one because
after the first died, I couldn't find a mouse that big. I have big
hands and a big mouse feels more comfortable. Now I need a new one and
the problem is that I live in a small town. My local store only has
two models. :)

But online the array of mice is, well, dizzying. I see in reviews that
Logitech's ergonomic mice are well thought of, but one store I am
looking at has 139 different Logitech models, not to mention 143 from

Anybody have any advice here? :)

I will share, on a slightly different note, that I have been using a
Smartboard keyboard ( http://www.datadesktech.com/desktop_base.html )
for a few years now. It's interesting and it's pretty good but I don't
think I would really recommend it. I'm not sure it's so fast for me
and the abnormal location of the delete (and home/end pageup/pagedown
keys) bugs me to this day. It's anyhow a lot better than the old
Natural ergo keyboard from MS I used to have.


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