[thelist] Drupal base URL issue

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Tue May 19 13:59:08 CDT 2009

> htaccess commands are not a strength for me. How do I say the drupal files
> are found in the drupal folder, but I want them to appear to be in the main
> part of the website??????? Do I have to reinstall Drupal and put it in the
> root directory for this site? I really hope NOT.

Why don't you just move the Drupal files to the root dir? You don't
have to reinstall *anything*. It might be prudent to visit
/admin/build/modules and submit that page so that Drupal will rebuild
any necessary stored directory locations, but generally speaking,
moving the files does *not* require much of anything.

Drupal DBs are meant to be quite portable actually. :)



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