[thelist] Google Results - 'the web' vs 'pages from the UK'

Chris Dempsey chris at gettheedgeonline.com
Wed May 20 07:49:25 CDT 2009

Hi All,

We have a client who appears in the top ten natural listings on Google
for two search terms: 'monicon' and 'cirrus noise meters'.  Their site
is egm-ltd.com.

If we switch from search 'the web' to 'pages from the UK' they are no
longer listed in the top ten, or in the case of 'cirrus noise meters' in
the top forty.

I understand that Google tries to serve local results depending on the
location of the user making the search.  Could this be affecting the
behaviour noted above - ie. does Google think they are based in the USA?
The web server they are on probably has a US IP address.

The company is listed Google Local Business Centre if that has any
bearing on the situation.

They have another domain: egm-ltd.co.uk which they recently setup to
point to the .com, not sure how as they did that themselves.

Any ideas how we can figure what causes them not to be found in the UK
specific search results and more importantly, how we can start to get
them in there.



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