[thelist] taking over web work from a Mac/iWeb user

Jim Puls jim at nondifferentiable.com
Thu May 21 17:30:58 CDT 2009

On May 21, 2009, at 2:14 PM, Matt McKeon wrote:

> Joel D Canfield wrote:
>> we're taking over web maintenance for someone who's built and  
>> maintained
>> their site using only iWeb on their Mac. when asked about hosting,  
>> FTP,
>> any of that, she stares blankly and says 'no idea what that even  
>> means'
>> we'll be meeting with her in person for other reasons, so I'm looking
>> for the shortest route to finding the normal FTP/hosting information
>> we'll need to take over maintenance, using our usual tools on a  
>> Windows
>> PC and FTP clients.
>> yeah yeah yeah I'm getting a Mac; just not today ;)
> Hi Joel,
> I know nothing about iWeb, but I would assume the only thing you'll  
> find
> out from it would the the remote address and username for connecting  
> via
> S/FTP; as most likely the password will not be readable.
> The easiest way would be to get the info from the hosting provider  
> they
> use. Maybe they even have the hosting welcome email with all the info
> for ready you!
> Just a thought.

The pages are almost certainly published to Apple's own MobileMe  
service, to which iWeb is the only (reasonable) way of pushing files.  
You can get the files from the person's computer, probably, and work  
with them from there, but iWeb is really designed as a platform lock- 
in. You're probably looking at setting up a new hosting solution here.


> Where is it being hosted??  You can ask the company that host it for  
> the
> info, or I would guess it would have something inside the program.   
> Now if
> she is doing all this on the DOT me site (part of Apple) that will  
> be locked
> out
> in about 3 weeks.  All the pages that are currently there are fine,  
> but no
> new pages
> can be added, and no changes to the current pages up.

This is misinformation: Apple's ".Mac HomePage" service is going away,  
but that was a web-based editor, and they're  retiring it precisely to  
promote the use of iWeb.

-> jp

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