[thelist] taking over web work from a Mac/iWeb user

Garth Hagerman hagerman at mcn.org
Fri May 22 17:35:20 CDT 2009

> we're taking over web maintenance for someone who's built and  
> maintained
> their site using only iWeb on their Mac.

The problem isn't the Mac part, it's iWeb. I've taken over a couple of  
sites created in iWeb. In short, my advice is "start over". The whole  
point of iWeb is that any bozo can put together a pretty site without  
knowing anything. The iWeb sites I've seen are hopeless quagmires with  
thousands of lines of Javascript, obscenely complicated CSS, and file  
structures designed by Kafka. They're opaque to the search engines and  
insanely labor intensive to maintain. I repeat, start over!


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