[thelist] CAPTCHA

steven streight vaspers at inbox.com
Wed Jun 10 10:16:52 CDT 2009

I used to get spam storms quite often, and I recall hunting laboriously for the posts that had spam on them. At first, on Blogger, they'd send me an email for each comment, but not what post the comment had been attached to.

So, I started using a CAPTCHA in all my Blogger blogs, until a CEO who quoted a post of mine, suggested that I "kill the CAPTCHA". 

As we all know, you often have to retype CAPTCHA characters, as many as 5 times in some cases I recall, until you get them right. Those letters or numbers are all twisty curvey and very hard to read.

Instead of CAPTCHAs, he suggested I use Comment Moderation with Delayed Posting. This enables me to delete any spam, but makes it easy for all legit human posters to put comments on my blog.

So what if they have to wait up to 24 hours to see it?

The microwave mentality, "I want it now", is thwarted and taught patience, eh?

Comment Moderation, where you get to approve and publish, or disapprove and not publish, is the best route and has worked fine for me. 

Steven E. Streight 

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