[thelist] Computerized Automatic Phone Answering

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 13:16:49 CDT 2009

> ?? Wouldn't it make more sense (and be a heck of a lot easier to
> implement) to just SMS them a message when the order is ready?

SMS notification is another feature that the client wants, but there
are good reasons for wanting to also provide a phone number, given the
demographics of the clientele--this is not a business in the US and
the culture here is different. :)

> 1. Purchase hardware--the PC can be a simple one--any modern machine
> will do. The card issue I must clarify still. It seems I either need
> "real" card which can be had for no less than $500 (new):
> http://store.digium.com/productview.php?product_code=1TDM411EF or if
> this simple card for $50 will work:
> http://store.digium.com/productview.php?product_code=1X100MF I will
> discuss this with Digium I guess.

I just realized that since the client's tech guy only knows WIndows,
maybe it makes more sense to let him setup a Windows box and do the
Asterisk in a VirtualBox machine. That would furthermore allow us to
very easily upgrade his Asterisk system without showing up at his
store--we just replace the virtual machine.

I see that this can be done--I will discuss these details on the
Asterisk/Digium forums.

Thanks :)

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