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> > IIRC FXO is what you need to connect to
> > the phone company and FXS if you're connecting to analog phones.
> Seems here http://www.pbxeq.com/fxs_vs_fxo.php to indicate the
> opposite. 
This one confirms what I was thinking.  Copied from page.

FXO stands for Foreign eXchange Office. FXO ports connect the Plain Old
Telephone Service (POTS) or the telephone company’s line to the PBX

FXS stands for Foreign eXchange Subscriber/System. FXS ports connect to
the subscriber’s equipments – analog telephones, fax machines, modems,

>Here http://www.3cx.com/PBX/FXS-FXO.html it seems to
> indicate something altogether different--don't know what they saying
> there really.

This is a little more technical.

> Anyhow I have a few options here http://tinyurl.com/mlnrf6 which is a
> retailer in my country. There is a single FXS or FXO there. Which one
> do I need?
FXO if all you're doing is connecting to the phone company.

> For the PC itself, I think any simple modern machine will be more than
> sufficient.
Yes, considering the load any pc should work.  My asterisk box at home
is a PIII with about a Gig of memory.  Been using it for a couple of
years without issue.

> I told the boss the estimate is 8-20 hours of work and he accepted that. :)
> Regarding doing a virtual machine, I now think against that because
> that would entail hardware virtualization and require a driver AFAIK
> for the card on both the host and the guest OS and if the host is
> Windows, I presume that thare are drivers somewhere for Windows (here
> might be a place http://www.asteriskwin32.com/ ) but it seems that
> without question the main OS for this type of work is Linux and trying
> to use Windows may be just asking for (extra) headaches.
I agree.  I'd recommend against going the VM route.

> If I use Debian Stable, then I expect they will be OK--it *is* a
> pretty stable distro. :)
> Thanks.
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