[thelist] Info for possible xpat job in London

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Jun 19 15:58:56 CDT 2009

On 18 Jun 2009, at 18:13, Peter Loron wrote:

> I'm currently US based, but am considering a position (technical
> management) in London. Not sure if it will go through (work
> sponsorship, etc), but looks promising so far.
> Questions for those of you working in that area:
> - Typical salary ranges for technical leadership positions?

Don't know about salaried positions, but I've a fair idea of the  
contract market - in either case, it'll be tough. Remember that the  
cost of living in the UK is much higher than the US, so don't simply  
do a currency conversion; £1 buys about the same as $1.

> - Typical benefits (medical insurance, bonuses, vacation, etc)

Medical insurance not usually necessary - we have a real health service.
Holiday will be much better than you're used to - 4 weeks + 12d public  
holidays is a fair base.
In the current climate, consider a bonus as a bonus.

> - Issues with sponsorship restrictions, etc.

Make sure you've got a Work Permit - you can't actually *do* anything  
on a Business Visa.

> The position is in Southwark, right in the middle of the city. My
> inclination would be to live further out rather than right downtown,
> but there are always tradeoffs.

Aye, plenty of commuting options into London Bridge & Waterloo  
stations, mostly from the South. London housing prices *are* expensive.


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