[thelist] SEO and domain names

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Jun 25 10:22:53 CDT 2009

Lee Kowalkowski wrote:
> 2009/6/24 Bill Moseley <moseley at hank.org>
>> I have a site http://example.com/.  We want to add a blog.  There's
>> discussion about where that blog should live.  It's been suggested
>> that we use http://example.com/blog (or whatever path) instead of a
>> separate sub-domain such as http://blog.example.com/ to help with SEO.
>> I think the reasoning is so the links in the blog point to the main
>> site domain.
>> Anyone know how significant this is for SEO?
> If I thought it had any significance at all, I would have thought a separate
> domain would help SEO more.  Depending on your context.
> If a search engine considered example.com and blog.example.com to be
> different domains, the links to the main domain from the blog may have more
> weight.
> Unless you mean /blog will help by making such links to the main site less
> relevant?  Not that I think it will actually matter, I just didn't
> understand the reasoning.
-->> Some of this may as well be perception to the audience, but it 
feels smoother to access components of the same domain.  Also although 
perhaps not relevant it leaves you with less loose ends to manage.  I 
can run this by the www.highrankings.com SEO forum if you want more 
definitive logic.


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