[thelist] blogging software recommendations

Joel D Canfield Joel at BizBa6.com
Sat Jun 27 00:15:01 CDT 2009

TypePad doesn't have a free version, but anything it has blows
Wordpress.com away. Faster-if not losing your mind while updating is
important, know in advance that 




Also, more configurable, and what I love is that you can actually use it
for commercial purposes. That's right, Wordpress expressly forbids
commercial use. Writing a blog where you sell is completely forbidden on
the free Wordpress accounts. It's not even possible to embed Amazon
links. TypePad gives you the tools to do it with.

I've been using Wordpress and can no longer deal with the restrictions.
I'm moving to TypePad so I can tweak it, and use it for business. My
wife the Virtual Office Admin who specializes in online marketing,
blogs, etc., strongly recommends TypePad for her clients, and only uses
Wordpress as a fall-back position if they insist on something free. Even
then, some of them choose Blogger instead.


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