[thelist] blogging software recommendations

David Laakso david at chelseacreekstudio.com
Sat Jun 27 01:43:25 CDT 2009

Joel D Canfield wrote:
> TypePad doesn't have a free version, but anything it has blows
> Wordpress.com away. Faster-if not losing your mind while updating is
> important, know in advance that 
> W....o....r....d....p....r....e....s....s.c....o....m           
> i....s
> s........l........o........w
> Also, more configurable, and what I love is that you can actually use it
> for commercial purposes. That's right, Wordpress expressly forbids
> commercial use. Writing a blog where you sell is completely forbidden on
> the free Wordpress accounts. It's not even possible to embed Amazon
> links. TypePad gives you the tools to do it with.
> I've been using Wordpress and can no longer deal with the restrictions.
> I'm moving to TypePad so I can tweak it, and use it for business. My
> wife the Virtual Office Admin who specializes in online marketing,
> blogs, etc., strongly recommends TypePad for her clients, and only uses
> Wordpress as a fall-back position if they insist on something free. Even
> then, some of them choose Blogger instead.
> joel

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