[thelist] Help with Social Network/Community Functionality

Randal Rust randalrust at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 15:20:16 CDT 2009

We are developing a custom community for a client. The community
allows members to:

1. Post Stories (there are 2 categories of stories)
2. Post Photos
3. Post Recipes
4. Comment on Stories

Whenever an item is posted to the site, it requires approval from the
community administrator. So if the member uploads a story, the
administrator reviews it. If the member uploads a photo, the
administrator reviews it. And so on. The model is consistent
throughout the site, except for one category of stories.

In that one-off category, the client wants members to be able to
upload a photo at the same time they create a story. This causes an
issue with approving the story for display on the site, because the
administrator may actually like the story, but not the photo. And of
course, this is giving me a fairly good headache.

I have looked over Facebook, MySpace, etc. and basically no one seems
to allow the user to mix content like our client has asked.

FWIW, in the initial version of what we developed, members can
associate only *approved* photos with stories in the one category.
This works just fine, but of course the client came back and asked if
we could make the story creation and photo upload all work in one

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Randal Rust
R.Squared Communications

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