[thelist] Improving my PHP: autoread config files?

Barney Carroll barney at clickwork.net
Tue Jun 30 03:05:21 CDT 2009

Hi list,

I'm embarking on a new PHP project and wanted to sound people out for
something I am certain exists but have difficulty defining or searching for.
Essentially I am looking for a method to apply PHP instructions based on
directory in much the same way .htaccess applies to all descendants. I know
it is possible to define core values read out by PHP globals using plain old
.htaccess, but I would like to define custom variables, prepend PHP includes
to files depending on various factors, etc — without having to make explicit
reference to this configuration file in the files I wish to be affected, or

Can anybody give me some pointers on how to go about this?

Barney Carroll

barney.carroll at gmail.com
07594 506 381

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