[thelist] SSL Certificate Denied

Ron ronr at linuxdude.com
Mon Jul 6 15:59:37 CDT 2009

The "Revoked SSL" thread reminded me of a problem I
ran into recently.

I went to RapidSSL a while back to get a cert and the
certificate request was denied. Never heard of this before.
The is nothing unusual about the domain the cert was for
and we have purchased other certs from Rapid with no

I chatted with one of the Rapid reps online and was basically
told it was not possible to get a reason for why it was denied.

Has anyone ever been denied a certificate? Does any
one have an idea why one would be denied?

Note... this was for their lowest cost cert since the purpose
was only to prevent passwords from being sent in clear
text... ended up just doing a self signed cert.



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