[thelist] Recurring Donations

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Jul 7 08:50:01 CDT 2009

My client wants a versatile donation page, varying amounts (the easy 
part), but also the ability to set up automated recurring (monthly, 
quarterly, yearly, etc) donations.  We also want to keep all member info 
including donor history, local in our database, but not keep credit 
cards on file warranting additional security and responsibility.

There are a number of donation services out there where once you get 
sent to their website, they offer recurring options.  It might be a poor 
assumption, but I assume that they have set up additional security in 
order to be able to store cc# and do this.  Then of course we would need 
to find some way to reconcile member info and such which becomes another 
maintenance step.

Is this more/less complicated than I am thinking? Options?

Bob Meetin

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