[thelist] Recurring Donations

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Jul 7 14:44:12 CDT 2009

Martin Burns wrote:
> On 7 Jul 2009, at 17:36, Will wrote:
>> paypal offers recurring donations. simple to set up.
> Yup - evolt.org uses it and accepts recurring (and one-off) donations.
> http://evolt.org/help_support_evolt#donations
> Cheers
> Martin
Thanks all thus far; I am diving into absorptive mode.  I have not 
looked at (well, er, assessed) all the replies yet.  The key, again, is 
being able to store member info such as name, email, donation history, 
etc (but no credit cards) in a local database which will be merged with 
the website's member list.

Authorize.net - I use them on several websites and have been satisfied 
with their tech support.  they helped me better understand the auth 
process. The "token" sounds doable.

Paypal - I will need to sort through how to take that info that gets 
passed to PayPal and grab the pertinent part we need to store locally.  
There are a number of PayPal Joomla extensions which require investigation.

Bank - I contacted a bank which we used to manage an online auction once 
and they verbally indicated that they have a system (and very fair 
rates) that would do what I ask and will set up a demo.


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