[thelist] [WD]: WordPress - PHP to include <div> based on page being displayed

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Jul 8 09:44:41 CDT 2009

matt1027 wrote:
> At 01:12 AM 7/8/2009, you wrote:
>>>  So I tried changing the !==
>>> and the != to just = but that didn't work.
>> Checking for equality is == (two equals signs [and sometimes three]),
>> not = (one equals sign).
> Thank you for the clarifying that.  It still doesn't work and I think 
> it must be something about the way PHP in the WordPress is working 
> with Apache to specify what the PHP_SELF or SCRIPT_NAME is.
> In case anyone sees this message without the original, both of the 
> following work just fine with my regular website but I haven't been 
> able to get them to work with a WordPress blog.
>> <?php if ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] !== '/pages/meeting.php'): ?>
>> <!-- stuff here -->
>> <?php endIf; ?>
Whether you're writing custom CMS or in my case, working with Joomla, 
you can commonly set up a test against the ID or filename itself.  I am 
not sure about PHP_SELF and how Wordpress works in this case.

If I need to add a custom JavaScript or CSS element (perhaps in the 
head) to only the about page or several pages, I set up an include file 
and if it passes the test, the text is included. You can do similar to 
exclude opening and closing <div> elements.

if ( $ID != "13" && $ID !="77" && $filename != "whatever.php" ) // 
various test types or use OR (||)
{ ?>
<div>left column etc</div>
<?php }

These tests work with != and == rather than !== (three) which I didn't 
know about.  I will do this in the function that creates the index.php 
and occasionally locate and write to the module construct itself.  This 
might not be what you're asking.


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