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Phil Turmel pturmel-webdev at turmel.org
Wed Jul 8 10:36:33 CDT 2009

Sales @ Lycosa wrote:
> In an effort to save money in these troubled times, I have found a website
> that sells cheap software, and I wanted to check it out with you guys first.
> Has anyone used www.oemlibrary.com <http://www.oemlibrary.com/>  and if so,
> is it legitimate, or has anyone been burned?
> Thanks,
> Phil Parker

Hi Phil,

Their FAQ page is wishy-washy on whether any specific package can be 
registered/activated, and indicates that such notes are buried inside 
the download you've bought.  They have phone sales, and e-mail tech 
support.  There is no mailing address or corporate identity displayed. 
They say their download servers are in the US and Europe, but don't 
claim to be located there themselves.  Their FAQ also mentions that 
their e-mail is often classified as junk by Yahoo and MSN.  Kinda 
strange for a Microsoft Gold Partner.  Hmmm.

Looking closer, you find that their webserver's IP address is in 
Maylasia.  Their domain is registered to a Chinese firm (Hong Kong, to 
be specific) that has an e-mail server but no website.  They farm out 
their e-mail server operations to another company in Xiamen City, China, 
whose admin contact is an employee of China Telecom.

I also noticed that their domain was first registered on May 18th of 
this year, even though they claim to have been in business since 2003.

I googled for independent reviews and found nothing (in english).

Please let us know if you get burned or not, so there'll be at least one 


Phil Turmel
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