[thelist] simple question about comparing dates in PHP/MySQL

Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
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Thanks Rudy! I had come to this conclusion over time (by trial and error)
because it didn't seem to work, but I had no proof. I find the whole date
and time thing in databases a little confusing sometimes.
I am sure I will quote you on this!

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> This might be a stupid question, but someone was trying to tell me 
> that you can compare dates in the format: 2009-06-04 > 2009-05-30.

that is false

as written, those are arithmetic expressions, not dates

2009-06-04 evaluates to the integer 1999, while 2009-05-30 evaluates to the
integer 1974

clearly, not what was intended

written as date strings, however, yes, you can compare them meaningfully

  '2009-06-04' > '2009-05-30'

see the difference?

by the way, lee, mysql does not require date strings to zero-pad the month
or day

furthermore, mysql will recognize any character as the year/month/day
separator, so all of the following are valid dates --




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