[thelist] Server hacked?

Sarah Adams sarahwbs at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 08:07:13 CDT 2009

> Most people when they've been using PHP for a while will
> move onto a different language, one that doesn't have so many way to
> shoot yourself in the foot or several functions that do the exact same
> thing. (or as I have a language that allows you to blow off your whole
> leg, and most of the town you're living in, see sig).
> The point I'm trying to make is, PHP is the VB of web-servers.
> Consider anything-PHP to be highly suspect, unless you wrote it
> yourself, and you've been doing it for at least 3 years with a strong
> eye on security. And even then I'd be suspicious.

Might I ask, since you've done such a bang up job of slamming PHP, what
programming language you prefer for the web?

sarah adams
web developer & programmer

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