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Legally, you have to have an opt out/unsubscribe at the bottom of all
marketing emails, so if Wordpress offers that, it would be an option. 

Otherwise, I just finished doing a website for a non-profit, they use
vertical response, who claim they do non profits for free, although then
they say you get to send 10 K emails a month. The link from their last
I have no idea how expensive it is for the rest of the emails.

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>I have a client who is a non-profit organization with 15K members. The
mailings would be 2-4 times a month. They can't spend a lot $ and I am
overwhelmed with all the options out there. They are on a Linux server and I
have the option to use phplist but am wondering how secure it would be and
ease to setup and use. The client is on a shared server so would need to
queue/batch mailings.
Any input and/or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Heidi Faith


I may be thinking way outside the box but instead of thinking about a
mailing, why not use Wordpress as your content device for the communication
medium and send a onetime mailing out to members with the URL? The URL
mailed out would be to a login page to access the blog.

Am I oversimplifying? Wordpress is free, only members would be emailed the

Just a thought,


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