[thelist] Server hacked?

Jim Puls jim at nondifferentiable.com
Mon Jul 13 01:08:04 CDT 2009

On Jul 12, 2009, at 8:24 PM, Viggie wrote:

> I'm intrigued.  How come the leading & greatly revered open source  
> apps,
> like wordpress, drupal & joomla use only php instead of any of those
> nicer development environments.   Why the nicer development  
> environments
> cannot produce better applications than these even though some of then
> were around far longer than php.
> I'm ready to switch if there were any convincing proof rather than  
> mere
> statements like these.

Be careful not to conflate popularity with quality; surely you can  
understand that it's rare for anything in this business to gain  
traction based solely on its technical merits.

I'm also not sure I'd agree with your characterization of WordPress as  
"greatly revered". Leading, perhaps, but it's the target of more  
security problems than just about any other web-hosted software  
package in history and the morass of plugins available for it lead to  
something so complex that consultants get full-time gigs just to  
configure it.

But rather than letting this devolve in to the inevitable flamewar for  
which I would have to take full responsiblity, I might rather point  
out that my posting was based entirely on my highly subjective  
opinions of using various environments over several years and that you  
should form your own opinions. Remember, you can do equivalent tasks  
with any equivalently powerful tools; you'd be best served trying them  
out for yourself and experiencing their relative differences firsthand.

-> jp

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