[thelist] Server hacked?

Viggie viggie at viggie.com
Tue Jul 14 02:09:29 CDT 2009

On Sun, 2009-07-12 at 23:08 -0700, Jim Puls wrote: 

> Be careful not to conflate popularity with quality; surely you can  
> understand that it's rare for anything in this business to gain  
> traction based solely on its technical merits.
> I'm also not sure I'd agree with your characterization of WordPress as  
> "greatly revered". Leading, perhaps, but it's the target of more  
> security problems than just about any other web-hosted software  
> package in history and the morass of plugins available for it lead to  
> something so complex that consultants get full-time gigs just to  
> configure it.
> But rather than letting this devolve in to the inevitable flamewar for  
> which I would have to take full responsiblity, I might rather point  
> out that my posting was based entirely on my highly subjective  
> opinions of using various environments over several years and that you  
> should form your own opinions. Remember, you can do equivalent tasks  
> with any equivalently powerful tools; you'd be best served trying them  
> out for yourself and experiencing their relative differences firsthand.
> -> jp

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the clarifications.  I'm also not looking for flaming.
Wordpress is 'greatly revered' by it's users, not necessarily with
technical background.  Particularly by the people who are obsessed with
SEO & bloggers who intend to make money through blogging.  It's rare to
find open source apps that scores on usability as well.   With the
plugins that are too easy to add without verifications, it is quite
natural to have security concerns.  I think the same security concern
will be there even if wordpress was made in other platforms

I do have exposure in Perl, Python & Ruby on rails.  Among them I
personally like Python & the ability to create standalone apps.  Google,
Yahoo groups & You tube are known to use python for intensive
applications.   But I'm intrigued why no applications from the superior
environments is there even in the horizon to rival popular apps like
Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, SugarCRM, Moodle etc.   Or do I overlook

Also, should we go for php for smaller projects & use Perl/Python/Ruby
if the project demands at least a dedicated server?

best regards,

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