[thelist] Setting Up a New Wiki

Sarah Adams sarahwbs at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 08:06:47 CDT 2009

Dan Romanchik wrote:
> I'm going to be setting  up a wiki for an amateur radio project that  
> I'm working on. The end product is going to be an online study guide  
> for the Amateur Extra Class license examination.
> I've used pmwiki in the past, and I like it, but am just wondering if  
> there's something else out there that I should be considering.  Here  
> are a few considerations:
>     * I'm  PHP guy, so would prefer that it be programmed in PHP
>     * Would like to be able to restrict who can author/edit, but want  
> everyone to be able to read it.
>     * WYSIWYG editing preferred, but could probably do with the wiki  
> markup language. (I don't want potential authors to have to jump  
> through learning curve hoops.)
>     * Image upload would be a nice feature to have.

My first question is, what is is about a wiki that you like for this

sarah adams
web developer & programmer

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