[thelist] domain registration - general rule

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Jul 16 23:06:27 CDT 2009

Daniel Burke wrote:
> In Australia (for .au domains at least), this is easy fixed. You say
> "Give me the domain name or I'll take you to court have it given to
> me, plus costs & loss of business". I think you can even go to the
> registrar with your business certificate and ask nicely, and they'll
> just do it for you.
> Of course though, here until recently you needed to have a registered
> business to get a .com.au, and it had to relate to your registered
> business name (or one of your trade marks, that you actively protect).
> It still stands that if you have a business, and someone has your
> domain, you can take it easily.
> Although we have very harsh anti-cyber squatting laws. For .com, you
> have no legal recourse. All you can do is rely on your local laws,
> hopefully you have a receipt stating that you purchased the domain
> name, and are not renting or leasing it.
> regards,
> dan
-->> The soon to be X tech person is giving the business owner a hard 
time, it's a control fit - moving to Australia is not yet a solution. I 
believe the tech guy probably registered the domain on behalf of the not 
technically inclined business owner, you know, as a favor... <<--

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